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Keynote Presentations

Clients include:

  • State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections
  • Credit Union National Association - CUNA
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Wisconsin Education Association Trust
  • Wisconsin Association of School Boards

"Thank you for jumpstarting our staff retreat. It was wonderful hearing everyone laugh and play. This enthusiasm that you sparked seemed to stay with everyone throughout the day...which was exactly what we wanted! Thanks for making my job as a member of the planning committee a breeze!"

Jerilyn Robinson, LCSW, Director of Child and Family Services, Catholic Charities of Madison

"Your energy, enthusiasm and humor captivated our participants. My colleagues and I were not only impressed with your creativity and professionalism during your presentation, but also the time you took to learn about our organization's efforts and initiatives. The incredible amount of time you took in learning about our business and particularly the challenges that face our organization definitely helped you to speak our language, and gain instant credibility with our staff."

—Mary Kay Kollatt , Reentry Director, Dept. of Corrections, State of Wisconsin


"Our leadership team brought Jodi in to jumpstart an aggressive retreat agenda in a short time for a group with high expectations and plenty of tension. Jodi set a thoughtful and positive tone, tapping into our creativity at a deep level right away. She guided us smoothly and expertly through activities and exercises that became metaphors for our work together. Jodi managed to create a level playing field, primed us for really listening to one another and most importantly, opened up the generosity and good humor of our team relationships. The retreat was fantastic! We left energized, refreshed and ready to tackle our company challenges."

—Jan O'Neill, Co-Founder QLD Learning

“Picture this: You’re the opening keynote session for a group of 100+ trainers from all over the country. . . these are the quintessential professionals at educating their staff. What a phenomenal way to begin our conference! Jodi really pulled the group in and helped everyone identify with the topic. She truly tailored her presentation to the audience. She had the entire group talking, laughing, and learning. I kept hearing people referring to Jodi’s session throughout the conference -- which is the ultimate compliment as to the effect she had on our group. Yes, and, I would hire Jodi again in a heartbeat!”

—Angela Prestil, CUNA

…Jodi engaged folks immediately with her characters and soon had the room abuzz with folks working in small groups and practicing new communication skills. That was two years ago and I still hear people saying “Yes, AND...” Jodi was wonderful, she captured the audience.

—Betta Owens, Deputy Director

Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment

—a national program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

…Hiring Jodi was the first and best thing we did to turn our 50th birthday gala from drab to fab. Jodi helped us—and our 200 guests—see how much we have to celebrate.

—Becky Steinhoff, Executive Director

Atwood Community Center

…Our conference started out on the right foot with Jodi Cohen…a breath of fresh air as she set the scene for enjoying, learning and re-thinking basic communication skills! Participants applied her message throughout the two-day conference.

—Kellie Miller, President

Dane County Administrators of Volunteer Services

We had a fun evening; full of true belly laughs. Her presentation was fresh, energetic, and lots of fun.

—Aura Hirschman, Wisconsin Jewish Institute

Conference Breakout Sessions/Workshops

Clients include:

  • Next Generation Consulting
  • Employee Assistance Program of Dane County
  • Employee Benefits Corporation
  • Northwestern University
  • UW-Madison Medical School
  • UW-Madison Small Business Development Center

Our goals were to provide our staff an opportunity for team building, effective communication, and breaking down barriers in order to build rapport… Time seemed to melt away…there was a metamorphosis occurring…more cohesive and better able to handle the challenges we face everyday…Jodi challenged us.

—Jaylene Hanel, Associate Director

Catholic Charities Community Connections

…I was amazed at how quickly you took the group from its initial period of self-protection and into self-reflection. I gained a deeper appreciation for my colleagues and for their creative potential as well as my own.

— Anne Conzemius
…you moved us along so smoothly that we didn’t even realize we were progressing…Best of all for me was your gentle encouragement to “get out of my own way.”
—Sarah Newport

…one of the most multi-talented people I know…Jodi has the rare gift to inspire others to reap their own wisdom.

—Dale Kushner

Founder of The Writer's Place

…set the stage perfectly for my creative writing high school students…I was amazed as I watched all students participate and laugh, including those shy ones who had never gotten up in front of their peers before this.

…Some of us need to learn to lighten up…there's an untapped market of overly busy people who don’t like feeling and looking stressed who can learn alternatives to that persona!

Improv Classes

…You create a freeing environment where people really can stretch…

…Jodi turns ideas into magic…

…Jodi Cohen is one of those rare teachers who puts you at ease while pushing you to go to the edge of your comfort zone…

…Your class was a great mix of freedom and structure...

…one of the most personally liberating experiences I’ve ever had…

…i learned to let go of assumptions…

…I am reminded... to play, be creative, and express myself without fear or judgment. …improv is a profound stress and anxiety reliever…

Clients include:

  • Atwood Community Center
  • ANew Women’s Expo
  • National Association of Remodeling Industry
  • New Harvest Foundation
  • TDS Telecom
  • Wisconsin Jewish Institute

… I was amused, amazed, and moved by your performances…All of your characters give me hope…

…I hope you appreciated the impact you have on your audience. We love you…

… I laughed so hard my jaw hurt…

Jodi Cohen •
(608) 513-9737 •