Welcome to Love, Morty

Years ago I wrote long emails full of Sturm and Drang to my friend Eric, signing them, “Mortally yours.” One time he wrote back, “Dear Morty,” and the name became a placeholder for feeling mortal, vulnerable, humbled.

In 2019 I brought home a puppy who was expressive and stubborn, with ultra-sensitive hearing. Go know. I tried different names for the puppy, including Shlomo, Marty and Jack, until it occurred to me that the puppy was indeed my placeholder, and thus he became Morty. During our first year together I sent weekly emails to friends about life with Morty, which was wild, overwhelming and precious. Love, Morty is a place to continue telling the stories. Thank you for being here.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Love, Morty”

  1. Hello to the two of you Jovial Jodi & Marvelous Morty-Moo,

    Thanks for sending me this link and I look forward to read about your antics and shticks.

    Much love from me to you both,

    1. If I gave you a quarter, would come over and throw the ball for an hour twice a day for the Mujz? In the house, on the floor, with a ball, down the hall?

  2. So happy to see this, dear Jodi and dear Morty who I would sometime like to meet in the mortal flesh, if you know what I mean. Sending love.

    1. I miss you so much. You’d often write back something wonderfully Trudy-ish after the Hey, Morty emails. Do that again! Not here per se, but via email? No pressure. Or not much, anyway. Love you.

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